Our Mission


ImmuneTarget's mission is to develop novel therapies for cancers and immunological disorders by blocking key regulators of the pathogenic pathways.


Our technology platform consists of proprietary small molecules with the mechanism of action inspired by natural compounds.  ImmuneTarget compounds inhibit critical modules of immune cell functions and tumor supporting microenvironments.






NF-kB has been demonstrated as a versatile drug target for cancers and autoimmune diseases, via its roles in tumor cell survival, inflammation, and drug resistance.


ImmuneTarget develops “Direct” NF-kB inhibitors as solution to reduce toxicity and overcome drug resistance associated with current cancer drugs (e.g. bortezomib, EGFR inhibitors).


The proprietary small molecules, IT-800 series, are potent direct NF-kB inhibitors. Our lead candidates have excellent pharmacokinetic and manageable toxicity, and demonstrated in vitro and in vivo efficacy in several cancer models.



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